Exclusive coffees. Roasted in Lower Austria.

Dear Coffee Lover,

I will be on vacation from the 18th of July until 16th of August. Unfortunately, orders cannot be processed or dispatched during this time.

Available for a limited time!

Our popular Single Origin from Brazil is back in the store for a short time.

Other countries, other flavors.

Discover the taste of South America with our three new, characterful coffees from Costa Rica, Peru and Colombia.

Why choose bohnenspiel?

Fresh and gently roasted

Your coffee is gently roasted by me in small batches on a classic drum roaster in a small private roastery in Maria Enzersdorf in Lower Austria. It is then freshly packaged and delivered to you.

Fair und transparent

As a small business, it is hardly possible to procure the green coffee directly from the growing countries (direct trade) and to get a picture of the conditions on site. With Petunia Speciality Coffee I have a partner that not only stands for unique and exclusive Brazilian specialty coffees, but also works directly with the local coffee farmers around Petunia. This ensures full transparency and fairness.

Environmentally conscious

An aluminum-free variant made of kraft paper was deliberately chosen for the packaging of the coffee. In the future, it will also be possible to fill any quantity of your favorite coffee into reusable containers that you bring with you, thus completely eliminating the need for packaging.

My style of coffee roasting

Each coffee has its own characteristic flavor, depending on variety, cultivation area and processing. These individual characteristics must be specifically worked out and emphasized during roasting to create a harmonious overall picture. In addition to high-quality green coffee, this requires above all time and passion. Time to taste a coffee, to develop tailor-made roasting profiles and, last but not least, to give the coffe the time it needs in the roasting process. That is the coffee I sell.

Get to know me

My deeper interest in the subject of coffee began about 5 years ago with the question of why coffee tastes incredibly delicious in one place and incredibly awful in another. My hunt for the secret formula for delicious coffee began shortly thereafter with a home barista course with Johanna Wechselberger in Vienna and my first portafilter machine. The journey led me through lots of literature about coffee in general and its perfect preparation, as well as further portafilter machines and coffee grinders, to the insight that delicious coffee is only possible with high-quality green coffee and a conscious roasting process. So a small-batch roaster for home use was needed and more books, classes and countless roasting hours at my Hottop followed. Since the demand in the circle of friends was growing and could no longer be covered with 250g batches, the idea arose in mid-2021 to found the label bohnenspiel as a side business to my main job as a project manager and thus continue the journey.

Picture: Roastery of Kaffeemacher in Basel

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